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May 01


What to Expect After Your Certification Visit

Example Florida medical marijuana certification card
Photo by @impulsq on Unsplash
After your certification visit

There are a few important things to look out for after your initial certification visit:

  • You will receive an approval email from the Office of Medical Marijuana Use within 7-14 business days.
    • If you don’t receive an email within that time frame, or receive one that indicates the application was rejected, contact your doctor's office so they can sort it out.
  • Whether or not you’re new to cannabis therapy, it’s best to have a plan before making your first dispensary visit.
  • Take note of the date when you received your certification. If your physician gave you the maximum allowed certification time, you shouldn't have to return for your recertification for seven months.
    • Set a reminder incase your doctor's office forgets to contact you. That way you don't end up at dispensary 8 months later and aren't allowed to purchase product.

We take the stress out of getting your medical marijuana card.


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